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About Deana

Much like the perennials in my garden, I approach design like a surprise waiting to happen. Combining texture, color and shape is my passion—a joy I first embraced back when I was a young girl learning to sew. As a young adult I studied textiles and fashion in Leeds, which led to my discovery of the art of jewelry-making.

For over 25 years, I have created original works from my studio—one of the few surviving storefronts from an era when butchers & bakers filled the corners of residential Chicago neighborhoods. To me, it serves as a constant reminder that quality can be both beautifully ornate as well as functional and long-lasting.

Featuring unique beads and stones from around the world, my designs have been carried in boutiques and museums across the United States. My works have also been chosen by costume designers to appear in everything from local news features to network television dramas such as The Good Wife & CSI:New York.

I’m fortunate to have my designs admired by so many, and I truly hope you enjoy wearing these pieces as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them. 

Deana Rose