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Corundum in Kyanite Earrings

Corundum in Kyanite Earrings

Ruby corundum in kyanite, tourmaline, gold fill.

When shopping the gem show in Tucson this year, I was confused about this stone. It has the colors of tourmaline, but it is opaque. . . I asked "is this tourmaline" and I got the reply "corundum in kyanite". I had to look it up! Reminiscent of tourmaline, it fooled me too! it is ruby corundum in kyanite and it is the only strand I saw in 3 days! 

The vivid fuchsia in the muted steely blue makes a beautiful contrast. It felt like an old friend that I was excited to meet when I started working with it. 

The first order will receive this pair of playful earrings, and the next 2 will receive equally as fun stones . . . just a little different. 

Earrings are 1-1/2"

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